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Raw Materials - Hide demand outstrips supply
05 October 2020

There are very few positives to draw from the world Covid-19 problems, but perhaps one piece of good news for the hide industry is that after a long-time demand is outstripping supply. Slaughter rates in almost all origins are well below the normal levels, latest insights from theSauerReport reveal.



As long as movements and travel continued to be restricted, or severely hampered, the restaurant trade will suffer. The consequence of this has had a twofold positive impact upon the hide trade. Firstly, farmers are able to take the time to replenish much depleted herd stocks, which had in many cases been cut to dangerously low levels, following years of ever-increasing beef demands. Secondly, lower beef demand leads to fewer hides, meaning hides are suddenly in short supply; it has only taken a rise in Chinese domestic finished leather requirements for the whole supply/demand balance to be tipped on its head.

Just six months ago, we were talking about tens of thousands of hides being sent to landfill, while other hides were being traded at below economic levels to avoid the same landfill fate. Now, we witness hide prices increasing week by week, some almost doubling in value since the low points of the summer. Hide traders and suppliers are starting to play hard ball, releasing only offer lists with the hides they want to sell rather than the hides they know the tanners really want and, as a consequence, raising these hides to profitable levels. Some suppliers are taking breaks from offering hides for weeks at a time, so that they can take advantage of a rising market, who can blame them, for they have plenty of losses to claw back this year.

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