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Bangladesh - Savar delay hits Bangladesh’s leather exports
12 July 2018

CETP at Savar Tannery Cluster in Bangladesh

The total value of Bangladesh’s leather exports for the financial year from July 2017 to June 2018 was US$1.08 billion, a fall of more than 12% compared to the previous year, according to data from the country’s Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).

In comments to local media, Shaheen Ahmed, chairman of the Bangladesh Tanners’ Association (BTA), said there were a number of reasons for this decline, but he highlighted the delay in relocating tanneries to the new Savar district as chief among them. He added that of 222 tanneries, only 155 have so far been relocated. Of these, only 108 are in operation, he revealed.

Mr Ahmed also explained that the absence of a fully-functional central effluent treatment plant and related drainage system is preventing the Bangladeshi leather industry from taking advantage of new opportunities in foreign markets, such as the US. The solid waste disposal system there is also not functioning, he said. 

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz 

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