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Mexico - CICEG wants parallel agreements with CPTPP members
16 April 2018

CPTPP Signee Countries

Senior representatives from the CICEG footwear industry association in the Mexican state of Guanajuato have appeared before the national senate to express their concerns about the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

This trade deal came about following the collapse of the TPP agreement. It was signed at the beginning of March by 11 of the countries from the original deal. The exception was the US, whose withdrawal from TPP caused its initial collapse.

CICEG’s main trepidations centre around the presence of Vietnam and Malaysia among the trade deal’s signatories.

During his appearance before the senate, CICEG president, Luis Gerardo González, appealed for parallel agreements to be made with these nations to product Mexico’s footwear, textile and clothing sectors, which CICEG has insisted will be severely affected by CPTPP.

He said parallel agreements with Vietnam and Malaysia would ensure rules of origin are respected and would allow quotas to be put on the “avalanche of imports” that will occur when the agreement is approved. Mr. González pointed out to the senators that the negotiation of parallel agreements with other signatories is fully consistent with the terms of CPTPP.

He also called for the senate to consult with the footwear, textile and clothing sector in order to discuss and define the potential negative effects this trade deal could have on Mexican industry.

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