Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Birkenstock deal gives grounds for hope
04 March 2021

The latest Leatherbiz Market Intelligence newsletter, with our exclusive fortnightly assessment of the situation in the industry in the Leather Pipeline report, writes Leatherbiz.

Birkenstock boots

Building on the success of the redesign of the Leatherbiz site that we carried out at the start of 2021 and the positive feedback we have received, the Market Intelligence newsletter, including the Leather Pipeline, is now published using industry-leading digital magazine software. 

In this latest edition, we learn that, as in most ‘normal’ years, the busiest season for leather production is likely to come to an end soon, probably in late March or early April. Furniture leather from Europe has been selling well, but tanners believe their positive run will soon come to an end. The high-quality hides these tanners need, are no longer available in the quantities or at the prices that were on offer in the second half of 2020. 

Consumers, who spent extensively on home improvements, including new furniture, during the periods of lockdown of 2020, are likely to divert their budgets back towards holidays and eating out as this year progresses.

The report says that only a big revival in demand for leather for shoes could keep tanneries busy in the coming months. There is mixed news from the footwear sector, but the report argues we can take encouragement from the sale of Birkenstock for a reported €4 billion. It says this suggests investors still see lasting value in footwear made from leather.

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