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Raw Materials - LHCA seeks clarity on raw materials covid testing demands in China
31 July 2020

The Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA) has warned exporters of hides from the US to China that the authorities in the Asian country have issued a new requirement for imported raw materials to be free of covid-19 and to have certification that the products have undergone formal testing, reports Leatherbiz.



LHCA said it was working to obtain more information about the new requirement and its potential impact on the hide trade, but it said the move is probably aimed more at raw materials for the food industry.

Its understanding is that products will be able to undergo testing at a port of entry in China and that importers may even be able to carry out their own testing there. It said US officials were in contact with their counterparts in China to find out for certain if the requirement applies to hides.


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