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Leather Pipeline - Lockdown brings new opportunities for leather
30 July 2020

With the summer holidays upon us, tanners and many others in the industry are bringing things to a close for the next two or three weeks. As the July 28 edition of our exclusive Leather Pipeline market intelligence report says, what awaits on the other end of the break is a mix of covid-related uncertainty, growing opportunities and a continuation of challenges that have long faced the leather industry. Report by Leatherbiz.



The automotive industry is getting moving again and our author predicts factories might return to 80% capacity or more after summer. This could coincide nicely with potential growth in automobile spending as coronavirus-wary consumers avoid public transportation. Other leather products, our author writes, such as tech accessories and comfortable furniture, stand to benefit from people spending more and more time in their homes.

However, he writes, underlying every challenge and opportunity in leather is the fundamental question we’ve yet to answer: How do we get the consumer to appreciate leather as a quality, sustainable product again?

Our industry needs to more effectively confront leather’s natural enemies — including organisations promoting plastic leather alternatives.

“Their budgets are certainly much higher and they use them,” our author writes. “However, our arguments are better and we should use them as well.”


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