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Italy - Deadline extended for technical partners for Arzignano sludge plant
15 January 2020


Leatherbiz reports that Acque del Chiampo, the company that runs the wastewater treatment plant that serves the Arzignano tanning cluster in northern Italy, and partner company Medio Chiampo, which treats domestic wastewater in the area, have extended the deadline for bids to work with them on a new plant to treat dried sludge.

They are seeking a technical partner for the design, implementation and management of the new plant. The project will run until 2050 and will have a value of €530 million.

Originally, they asked for prospective partners to bid for the work before the end of last year. They have now announced that they will accept bids up until midday local time on February 6.

Tanners in Arzignano and the surrounding industrial area and the communities with which they share resources now face the challenge of finding an alternative to landfills for treating dried solid waste. Acque Del Chiampo estimates that landfill space in the area will be exhausted five years from now.

Data from 2018 shows that the leather industry in Veneto, most of which operates in the Arzignano-Chiampo area, has a turnover of more than €2.8 billion per year. It employs 8,500 people in around 450 companies.

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