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United States of America - JBS Couros in its element at High Point
08 December 2017

The world’s largest producer of leather, JBS Couros, presented an extended collection of leather specifically for furniture manufacturers at the recent High Point Showtime Market furniture exhibition in North Carolina (December 3-6).

At June’s edition of the event, the company unveiled ‘Authentic – Deep Into Nature’, a leather collection that took its inspiration from the four elements (water, air, fire and earth). An expanded range was on show in North Carolina in December. 

“In this new edition, we are working with colours that are focused on the US market, based on a survey among people directly involved in the industry to find out what the region really wants", explained Max Lapegna, commercial manager at JBS Couros.

He added that the new collection offers lighter finishes which give the leather sophistication and flexibility, as well as better leather usage, adding value to the finished product. 

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz

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