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Ugly Has Upscaled - 2018 SNEAKERS : Chunky Sneaker
Jasmine Smith | 27 November 2018


That decadent, ubiquitous sneaker trend that is now clogging up our Instagram feeds as well as throwing all outfit proportions out of the window by being monstrously chunky in comparison to all else isn’t necessary new - but it is all encompassing!

Defining 2018 - the big, bold and ugly is massive in popularity and has taken sneakers to an all new level of recognition.

Once laughed at for being slightly orthopedic in nature, although still on the sleek side - now common kicks are even larger with their thick sole, wide structure and and bulked out designer panels.

And they are considered high-fashion at that!

Nike, Adidas and New Balance have been turning out dadcore sneaker for decades - household names for the comfortably inclined.

But now brands by the likes of BALENCIAGA, VETEMENTS and GUCCI are giving us orthopedically-posh footwear that is as ugly as it is stylish.

Want to wear the trend but are slightly dazed in terms of just how to style this dramatically chunky but on-pointe trend?  

Here are a few fail-proof options:


If you are not as sure-footed as you’d like to be with this trend, but still want to indulge in the sneaker style of the moment, then play it safe by choosing a classic white or nude colour pallet pair.

Avoid the strong colour-blocking sneakers that the majority of designers are releasing and gravitate towards a chunky yet easy-to-style pair of kicks that will look seriously Instagramable alongside anything from a tartian 80’s styled pant-suit to a 90’s matching A-line mini and jacket combo.


A fail proof way to pull a pair of oversized sneakers into your ensemble is to partner them with a pair of slightly sheer, scrunched down, mid-calf socks.

Opt for socks that reflect the colour choices of your outfit - these are going to bring a more fashion conscience vibe to your outfit as opposed to a seriously sporty one.

To side-step any sport heavy connotations your oversized sneakers might have, pair them with a dress.
Anything from a midi to a mini will work - and the more femininely whimsical (think big puffy sleeves, floaty fabric and floucy frills) in style, the more appropriate it will be.


Just remember - we like this trend because it is UGLY.

It challenges notions of what is fashion, what is beauty and it gives Style Mavericks a chance to bring a huge amount of edge and philosophy into their apparel choices.

Have fun with it!

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