Leather LCA - PrimeAsia Completes Extensive Leather Life Cycle Assessment
08 April 2021

The review covered PrimeAsia’s most representative products, 11 supply chain configurations in three different continents.

Over the past 12 months, PrimeAsia has worked on a project to increase the use of scientifically based approaches in its operations to measure, manage and reduce its impacts. Its life cycle assessment (LCA) was carried out using a novel approach, with high quality primary data deriving from a very detailed analysis of all elements contributing to the environmental impacts of its production.

The evaluation covered more than 266 processes phases, 3,000 data points collected and operations in 5 different countries, giving not only the possibility of quantifying the impacts related to the production of leather, but to correlate it to the different environmental aspects of its processing.

“The discussions around the sustainability of different materials are becoming more important and will further increase in the coming years. However, we have seen that on many occasions, those discussions are based on assumptions, generic and outdated data. For this reason, and to be able to manage our efficiencies in a more precise way, we decided that it was important to perform an assessment that would look at all the aspects of our value chain, considering the collection of precise, primary data.” Said Jon Clark, PrimeAsia’s CEO.

More than simply evaluating how different factors affect the efficiencies in leather processing, this approach scanned the structural characteristics of all facilities involved in the production of PrimeAsia’s leather, as well as a vast amount of process related data, to identify possible environmental improvement hypotheses and validate efficiency gains.

Fernando Bellese, PrimeAsia’s Chief Sustainability Office, states “this is not the end, but rather the beginning, of a continuous process aimed at adopting LCA thinking as a way to confront our beliefs and provide more reliable, scientifically based data that will support our decisions aimed at achieving our Sustainability Goals.” 

The project was developed with the support of Spin 360, an environmental consulting company with more than 10 years of experience in developing LCA’s for the luxury, footwear and leather sectors. 

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