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Trade Shows - What does a Sustainable Ambassador of a trade show do?
10 December 2019

Sportswear International’s Sabine Kühnl writes that it’s all about sustainability these days, also at trade shows (APLF agrees with this statement – Editor) just recently, Jacket Required announced the appointment of Phil Wildbore as its new Sustainable Ambassador to “spearhead the growth of the show’s sustainable offer”.

Wildbore himself is pretty known in the industry when it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion: His first conscious brand, Road, launched in the 1980s. Monkee Genes, a sustainable jeans brand, followed in 2006.

Now he continues his journey by working alongside the London-based contemporary menswear and streetwear trade show in becoming their Sustainability Ambassador. We wanted to find out what that actually means and what the challenges are-and asked Mr. Wildbore himself.

Please explain what a 'Sustainable Ambassador' actually is.
I believe it is an overseer; to help promote ethical brands, encourage an awareness of sustainability, highlight the consequences of fast fashion, and champion those working for real change.

What is the first thing you tackle in your new role as a Sustainable Ambassador for Jacket Required?
My first wish is to try to build a whole society of ethical brands. Helping one another to make the necessary, transparent, changes we need and underlining the importance of ethical certifications such as GOTS to help avoid greenwashing.

Doesn't sustainability finally mean 'less'-less consumption, less traveling, less fashion? What's your take on that?
We all have a responsibility to curb our carbon footprint, to consume less, to consume better and create a positive lifecycle. It is crucial we are designing garments for a lasting circular future, made with pride in decent working environments.

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