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Spain - Valencia’s shoe companies to get better financial support
13 June 2018


Valencia shoe industry association Avecal has agreed to collaborate with Banco Sabadell, one of Spain’s most important banking groups, to support the development and growth of footwear companies in this region of the country.

One of the aims of the agreement, which will run for three years, is to improve the access that local shoe companies have to financial services in the hope that this will make it easier for them to expand.

To do this, Avecal and Banco Sabadell will work to establish better links between the footwear industry and the financial sector. 

Among the financial products that will be more readily available as a result of this agreement are business loans, savings and growth plans and leasing support. These services will be available to Avecal members, as well as to employees and their families. 

Following the signing of the agreement, Avecal president Marián Cano said: “It is crucial for the development of companies in the footwear sector that they can access financial services suited to their business needs.”

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz 

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