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Italy - Pasubio CEO says Italian tanners must think nationally
14 December 2020

The chief executive of tanning group Pasubio, Luca Pretto, has called attempts to present leather as being more harmful to the environment than fossil fuel-derived synthetic alternatives as “ridiculous” and “absurd”, reports Leatherbiz.



In recent comments to industry media in Italy, Mr Pretto said the leather industry in Italy had made great strides in recent years in producing leather sustainably. He said tanners must make it their main priority to continue to make improvements in this area.

He said these environmental advances should happen at a national level, across the whole of Italy. He appealed to tanners to think about this from an Italian point of view, rather than from the perspective of just one region or one tanning cluster.

Mr Pretto said the competition he and his fellow leather manufacturers face at present is with the world and not with their immediate neighbours. He insisted that the Italian leather sector must act as one and win as one.

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