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ART on Leather
25 November 2020

Leather has always inspired diverse forms of art and culture, from masks and ornaments to cult objects and great paintings. Leather is like a blank canvas, a warm and versatile texture that opens up a world of possibilities for artists’ creativity, transforming a noble material into unique pieces, writes Argentine tannery Sadesa.



We invite you to meet Uruguayan artist Vicky Barrenguet and her original art on leather.

“My paintings come from the heart and show the colours and rhythm of my soul. They reflect my life, the vibrations and intensity of each moment. It is this sense of freedom and spontaneity that inspires my work.”



Vicky Barranguet. Abstract Expressionism born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1973. Currently lives and works in New York. Vicky has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her paintings have also been acquired by various private collections.



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