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Leather questions - Rebuilding leather's image, biodegradability & Cattle Farming Emissions
24 November 2020

As borders open up again and trade is picking up where we left in March, questions arise on the future of leather. International Leather Maker has launched a new podcast titled 'View From The Top.' In it, they take a bird's perspective on the industry with various experts – as reported by One 4 Leather.



In the last two episodes of the series, ILM editor Isabelle Griffiths discusses the in-depth ramifications of the COVID-19 outbreak with Karl Flowers, technical director of sustainable leather consultancy Authenticate and industry analyst. Though the impact has been felt throughout the whole supply chain, there is also an opportunity here to right the wrongs and set a new course, the two find.

Among the topics they discuss, you’ll find an insightful discussion on rebuilding after the outbreak, but also rebuilding the image of leather. Fake news and misleading reporting have certainly affected this over the pre-corona period up until today. Yet, there’s a clean slate to start with and work to be done. Another topic is GHG emissions and cattle farming, something we’ve written about before at One 4 Leather too.

For anyone interested in where leather is going in the near future, we recommend checking this out.



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