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Natural Fibres - Merino Wool ‘could be a solution for global microplastics problem’
30 March 2020

Merino wool, a natural fibre grown by Merino sheep in Australia and championed as a sustainable alternative to synthetics, does not contribute to the issue of microplastics in our oceans, according to new research from The Woolmark Company.



The 'Microfibre Pollution and the Marine Biodegradation of Wool' study found that both untreated and machine washable wool readily biodegrade in marine environments, while synthetic fibres do not.

The issue of plastic microfibres and their harmful impact on the environment has become a growing focus for the fashion industry in recent years. Between half a million and a million tonnes of plastic microfibres are released into wastewater every year from the washing of synthetic clothes, according to Common Objective.

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