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Raw Materials - Tough year for US hides, but Vietnam provided wet blue hope
17 February 2020

Full-year figures confirm that 2019 was a difficult year for US hide exports, reports Leatherbiz.



In total, 23.6 million US hides shipped to tanners overseas in 2019, which represents a fall of 15.1% compared to the previous year. The total comprised 19.9 million wet-salted hides and a little over 3.6 million wet blue, declines of 13% and 23% respectively.

In terms of value, packers and traders brought in $1.15 billion from hide exports last year, a fall of 27% year on year.

Vietnam finished the year as the only real growth market, in this case for wet blue. Vietnamese tanners imported more than 940,000 wet blue hides from the US, paying almost $103.3 million. This put Vietnam third, behind Italy and China, in terms of volume, but second, ahead of China, in value.


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