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Mission of LeatherNaturally!
28 December 2016

“To educate and inform consumers about the beauty, history and longevity of well-made leather”.

The last two months of trade fairs have identified all the issues that underline the need for a strong campaign to both promote the positive qualities of leather and provide a platform to counter the untruths and inaccuracies that we see from time to time in the press.

We know that competition from other materials is high and in this evolving marketplace many tanneries are now introducing both strategic marketing thinking and updated communications into their structures in order to educate consumers because despite other options, the emotional connection with leather remains. Its natural combined qualities of touch and smell being impossible to replicate. 

Working together stimulates us all to be more creative, to move away from historic product orientation and in the coming weeks we will be working to update and improve the LeatherNaturally! website to promote the ease of flow of information both within the industry and to the consumer. We look forward to welcoming you to it in 2017.

Mike Redwood - LeatherNaturally! Spokesperson – December 2016