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Comelz Spa - CALIGOLA 4 Leather industry CAD
CALIGOLA 4 Leather industry CAD
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Caligola 4

rom Comelz experience comes a totally new CAD, highly compatible and upgradeable.
Portable on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. To work with Caligola 4, on your favorite operating system.
OPEN to every CAD/CAM system. To import, export and edit patterns in DXF format, with conversion filters for any system or setting. To save patterns in XML public format, and make them always accessible to every CAD/CAM system. To import and export data in the new Assomac standard format.To communicate also with users without any CAD system:
– exporting patterns in PDF format, printable by any printer or plotter.
– exporting patterns to Caligola NP module that, without any CAD, can cut or print on any HPGL compatible plotter.

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who we are

Founded in 1943, Comelz is one of the pioneers generation of Italian companies that understood the needs of a fast growing national footwear and leather goods market at that time, and created a shoe-machinery sector of international excellence. In the late ’60s, the company breaks into the market with highly innovative products and gradually states among the most important companies in this sector, taking also a leading role within the machines association. In the late ’80s Comelz is yet again among the earliest companies to understand the benefit of CAD and numerical control cutting systems, re-establishing its corporate identity with a strong integration between mechanical technologies, electronics and software. Comelz can claim three major achievements: first to introduce electronics in our sector, first to use numerical control machines for the production, and finally, among the first to include informatics in our products.

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Leather & Materials, Components & Manufacturing Tools
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Machinery, Tools & Supplies : Footwear Production Machinery
Applications/Target Markets : Bags, Small Leathergoods, Shoes, Garments
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