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France - Hiriar, leather in all its forms
04 December 2020

Based in Graulhet, France, since 1936, the Hiriar company bears witness to nearly 85 years of experience in the hide and skins trade, writes Emma Roesslinger of Leather Fashion Design.  More specifically, its services revolve around three types of activities: the sale of finished leather; the marketing of unfinished hides and that of chemicals and plants used for tanning (extracts of quebracho, mimosa, chestnut, and so on.



Directed by Antoine Colombier, the company exports its items to more than 30 countries, including Asia and the United States. Coming from Spain, France, North Africa, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, its lamb and goat leathers are distinguished by a wide range of finishes -  nappa, velvet, fantasy, stretch……….bringing originality and modernity to the collections.

This is a stroke of good luck for its partners, mainly manufacturers in the ready-to-wear, furniture, footwear and leather goods sectors in search of personalized products. Indeed, although it draws its strength from the scope of its activities, Hiriar also makes sure it responds to individual requests by developing tailor-made products. In addition, the structure, which benefits from a large network of customers, offers complementary services of recycling and the purchase and resale of mixed and varied stocks.

Original URL: Fashion Leather Design - Hiriar Hides and Leathers

Translated from French by Richard Smith