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Raw Materials - New global, real-time and cost-efficient trading platform launches
02 December 2020

The last few decades have brought several dramatic changes for our industry, especially in the field of raw hide sourcing. During the 80s, in a single decade, the monthly hide auctions in Chicago, Paris, London and other tanning capitals around the world have all disappeared with few viable substitute solutions re-emerging. 


As a consequence, the market became less structured and organised, price transparency was lost amongst other “overall” industry data, and hide and leather professionals were left without reliable and timely benchmarking information of prices and inventories.

At the same time, the industry has become ever more competitive and increasingly global, which means that many regional suppliers can no longer generate sufficient revenues and margins by producing solely for the needs of regional buyers.
These long-term tendencies have recently been compounded by Covid-19 and the ensuing operating limitations, which led to considerable logistical disruptions, cancelations of trade shows and overall reduced communication between market participants.

The Hidexe online b2b hide & leather marketplace

An international team of hide and leather professionals has responded to these challenges with the creation of a real-time platform, purposely designed and written for the hides, skins and leather industry, a platform that facilitates independent business-to-business sales of hides, skins, leather and by-products worldwide. This new platform, called “Hidexe” (short for Hide Exchange), is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

Based on the initial feedback from selected professionals in the industry, this intuitive, online platform can easily be adopted and used by seasoned traders as well as new users for their immediate benefit.

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