Sustainability - A Fresh Perspective on Circular Fashion
07 October 2020

Brave Soles are handcrafted shoes and accessories designed with upcycled materials. In particular, the soles of their shoes are hand-cut from reclaimed tires from landfill and dumping grounds in the Dominican Republic.



Born out of a response to the health and environmental crises caused by discarded tires in that country, Brave Soles has carved out a brand that offers a unique, equitable, and circular solution.

Reclaimed tires for soles is not a new concept for footwear. It started almost 100 years ago as an ingenious use of resources in many impoverished communities around the world.

However, shoes that customers will fall in love with and then realize they have upcycled tire soles are what Christal Earle, founder of Brave Soles, wanted to create.

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