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Leather Pipeline - Two messages that the industry must communicate clearly
12 August 2020

The new issue of Leatherbiz Weekly includes the latest in our exclusive series of market intelligence reports, the Leather Pipeline, writes Leatherbiz.



It says there are bright spots for tanners, particularly those making leather for automotive and for furniture upholstery. However, fundamental questions that were in place before covid-19 remain in place. These centre on demand for leather and the material’s place in the wider market for materials for shoes, bags, seat covers and other types of finished product.

The new report highlights two critical messages that the global leather industry has to communicate to consumers. It is essential that these two important messages are communicated clearly and effectively enough to receive widespread public acceptance, it says.

“This is the first of those messages,” the report says. “No matter what, it is not acceptable to waste a natural resource as long as it is available.”

This is the second: if the environmental footprint of leather is properly measured, the situation will look different to many members of the public who have received inaccurate messages about leather’s impact.

“This would mean starting to calculate the environmental footprint of the hide at the slaughterhouse and measure it all the way through the potential lifecycle that products made from leather can have,” Leather Pipeline says. “This has to be the focus; and as part of this, the true environmental reality of leather production has to be openly discussed too.”