ZDHC’s first project in Africa - Strengthening capacity in Ethiopia’s textile and apparel industry
03 June 2020

As a direct result of a private-public-partnership between the German government and Dow Europe GmbH, ZDHC Foundation is proud to announce it is also playing its part to ensure a safer and eco-friendlier textile and apparel industry in Ethiopia.


African savannah


A two-and-half year project will be implemented in collaboration with Bahir Dar University where ZDHC would aim to enhance local expertise for a more sustainable chemical management in the textile and apparel industry. ZDHC’s role comes in twofold, namely: incorporating chemical management in the university’s undergraduate curriculum and establishing trainings and consultant infrastructure. Once realised, Ethiopia’s textile and apparel industry will become more sustainable and ultimately protect workers, the environment, and local communities.


Ethiopia’s textile and apparel industry has experienced a rapid development; in the last five to six years the industry has grown with an average of over 50 per cent. This advancement derives from several comparative advantages in the sector, ambitious governmental plans, and several bilateral trade agreements which have put Ethiopia in a favourable position to become a hotspot for textile and apparel in Africa. But with this acceleration in development, there are sustainability challenges that need to be addressed. Two main challenges have been identified: education skill gaps in the textile industry and lack of awareness of chemical management. This project aims to bridge these gaps and in a joint effort build expertise for better chemical management in Ethiopia’s textile and apparel industry.

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