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Leather Pipeline - Reopenings begin to reveal damage done to economy
20 May 2020

Countries throughout the world are beginning the slow process of restarting and reopening as governments take stock of the social and economic damage wrought by the covid-19 pandemic, reports Leatherbiz.



In this week’s Leatherbiz Weekly, our exclusive Market Intelligence report explores what this looks like so far for leather and related industries, and what we might expect in the near future.

As the author details, the supply chain continues to struggle with abattoirs affected by coronavirus cases, tightened measures in meat plants, tanneries operated with limited functioning, social distancing restrictions on shops and shoppers, and drops in demand from consumers.

Restoring supply chains and returning to normal travel are essential, the report says, but covid-19 infections must be stopped for a return to orderly production and pleasure in consumption.

The good news is that there are promising signs of improvements in daily slaughter numbers, but progress will be slow and full volumes are likely to be months away.

Read more from the Leather Pipeline (available to leatherbiz subscribers) in the Market Info section, where we also have reports from the US and Germany.