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Europe - Italian tanners can go back to work
28 April 2020

Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has included leather manufacturers among a group of companies and organisations that can start work again after weeks of lockdown because of covid-19, reports Leatherbiz.



On April 26, Mr Conte signed a decree confirming that Italy would move into a new phase of its reopening. The decree said companies including tanners could begin production again on May 4. However, tanning industry body UNIC issued a statement saying its member companies could start carrying out some tasks again on April 27.

UNIC explained that, according to the new decree, manufacturing companies were allowed to start work on April 27 in preparation for a relaunch of production on May 4.  It said this meant its member companies would be entitled, with the permission of local authorities, to start processing hides immediately to prevent them from going to waste.

Also, UNIC pointed out that (once again, with the permission of local authorities) tanners with export orders to fulfil would be allowed to recommence leather manufacturing without delay.

Workers at all sites will be asked to maintain social distancing.