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The Supply Chain of The Future Is In China
15 April 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, retailers are learning a valuable lesson: modern supply chains must now be optimized and managed remotely. But few businesses — or even countries — are currently moving in this direction. China, however, is a proactive digital country that enables businesses to experiment with digitally-run supply chains.



Since manufacturing is no longer cheap in China, many foreign companies left the market and moved to other Asian destinations like Vietnam and Cambodia. Given this, China was forced to both design and adopt emerging technologies to cut labor costs and shorten production cycles. These approaches have helped maintain the country’s international attractiveness.

In fact, even prior to the COVID-19 crisis, leading retailers like the Alibaba Group were using analytics, 3-D animation, and augmented reality to stimulate consumers’ sensory experiences while making faster and more sustainable decisions for their clients.

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