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Rankings - Luxury and automotive groups make Global 500 report on brands
24 January 2020

Luxury leathergoods brands and automotive companies are well represented in the 2020 edition of the Global 500, a report that claims to measure the world’s most valuable and strongest brands, reports Leatherbiz.



Automotive has strong representation in the top part of the ranking, with Mercedes-Benz at 11, Toyota at 15, Volkswagen at 25, BMW at 30, Mitsubishi at 35, Porsche at 41 and Honda at 45, Hyundai at 82, Ford at 94 and Nissan at 97 all making the top 100.

Audi at 105 and Volvo at 106 were just outside that group, while Chevrolet at 133, Tesla at 147, Renault at 169, Lexus at 200, Ferrari at 206, Subaru at 217, Land Rover at 259, Geely at 430 and Buick at 455 also merit a mention in the report.

Gucci is the luxury industry’s top brand, according to the list, placing at number 99, while Louis Vuitton at 110, Cartier at 123, Chanel at 136 and Hermès at 154 are also included in the top 200. Further down the ranking are Dior at 295, Coach at 300, Burberry at 421 and Ralph Lauren at 479.

This report it is the work of London-based market research firm Brand Finance, which has published the Global 500 for four years now, choosing the World Economic Forum in Davos as the platform.

It studies brand measures such as brand strength, customer research and competitor benchmarking and links these to “commercial outcomes” to come up with a valuation for each brand on the list.