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Leather Pipeline - A look ahead to 2020
15 January 2020



Today’s Leatherbiz Weekly electronic newsletter includes what is already our second Leather Pipeline exclusive market intelligence report of the year. After this, the reports will revert to their usual fortnightly format.

However, having given a rather bleak review of the leather industry in 2019 last time, we thought it important to offer as a quick follow-up a view of what 2020 might have in store for the sector. This time, there is a little more optimism.

A good portion of the congested raw material stocks that had been blocking the flow of the leather pipeline were cleared towards the end of 2019, the report says.

At the same time, the cheaper prices the slow-moving supply chain had triggered has led to greater leather demand than tanners encountered in 2019.

There is a growing use of leather in consumer electronics, such as in mobile phone cases and sleeves for computers, and the performance of garment leather in high street fashion is also strong.

The report suggests that this increase in interest in leather among brands and consumers “sends the signal”. It says that if this signal is “picked up” by online communities and influencers, “things have a very fair chance to return to the better” in 2020.

It offers as an example knee-length and above-the-knee leather boots for women, pointing out that there are now more than just indications from trends presentations that these are going to be popular in the autumn 2020-winter 2021 fashion season. Orders for the type and volumes of leather required to make these expensive, desirable, attractive fashion items are already being placed with some tanners.