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Crowdfunding - Leather Naturally begins crowdfunding for year two of Metcha
19 December 2019


Leatherbiz reports that campaign group Leather Naturally has said its efforts to promote leather and stimulate increased consumption of products made from leather, especially among consumers from the Millennial and Generation Z demographic groups, has been successful.

Earlier in 2019, Leather Naturally completed a funding exercise to raise $1.5 million and launched a social media campaign called Metcha. It said the campaign, which won the support of around 90 industry leaders, had generated content on the Metcha platform that has had more than 23 million views on Facebook and Instagram.

The Metcha campaign was set up as a multi-year campaign, Leather Naturally said, and it has now launched crowdfunding for year two.

At the start of the new funding campaign, Leather Naturally campaign manager, Fernando Bellese, said Metcha was inspiring new generations to understand leather and to begin to see the leather industry as “a creative partner”. He explained: “In the next months, we will reach out to the industry and request support to continue Metcha as an important tool to promote leather to new generations. We need industry leaders and everyone making money from the leather industry to stand up and support this campaign for the benefit of our whole industry.”

Chair of the supervisory council of Leather Naturally, Jon Clark, added: “The leather industry is facing challenging times and it is crucial that we unite and support the Metcha campaign for years to come. I challenge everyone to stand up and donate to the campaign in line with your company size.”