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Livestock - Feed additive will reduce cattle methane emissions by 30%
26 July 2019

Leatherbiz reports that animal nutrition and health solutions provider DSM has formally filed for authorisation in the European Union to start selling a new feed additive for cows. The company claims that the product will reduce methane emissions by around 30% and, thereby, reduce that environmental footprint of cattle and all the products and by-products they produce.

DSM said on making the announcement that the new feed additive is scientifically proven to cut methane emissions from cows by around 30%, with its efficacy confirmed in 26 peer-reviewed studies globally.

Methane is a natural by-product of digestion in cows and other ruminants, the majority of which is released into the atmosphere as part of the animals’ digestive process. Like carbon dioxide, methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Methane is around 28 times more potent, initially, than carbon dioxde, but is much shorter-lived, staying in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming for ten years before it breaks down. Carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere and continues to contribute to global warming for centuries.

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