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Australia - Beef exports to China increase by 67% in Q1
15 April 2019


Exports of beef from Australia to China increased by 67% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same three months last year. In total, China imported around 51,000 tonnes of Australian beef between January and March 2019.

Japan and the US remained Australian beef producers’ biggest export markets, but shipments to Japan contracted slightly compared to the same quarter in 2018 and, while exports to the US increased, the rate of growth was lower than China’s.

Some commentators have suggested that the problem of African swine fever in China may have contributed to the growth by encouraging consumers to choose beef instead of pork, but promotions body Meat and Livestock Australia has insisted the growth trends were in place long before any outbreak of African swine fever in China and largely reflect “growing demand from wealthy households for premium imported meat”.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz