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Argentina - Government takes measures to save domestic shoe companies
10 October 2018

Reduce import taxes

The Argentine government has approved a temporary reduction in tariffs on imported materials for the production of footwear to avoid a crisis in the domestic footwear industry. This is one of a series of measures taken by the Argentine government to improve the competitiveness of the domestic footwear industry. Its import tax will be reduced from 35% to 15%.

Prior to this, a number of Argentine footwear companies closed, including the most famous casual footwear manufacturer Alpargatas, and Alpa Gatas closed its factories in the provinces of Catamarca and Rosa. A few weeks later, the company announced that it would lay off 500 people at its factory in Olivares.

According to local media reports, the number of employees of Alpa Gatas in Argentina has fallen by more than half in the past three years. Currently, the company has 1,600 employees, compared to 3,700 in December 2015.

By Ran Fulin - CLIA