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United Kingdom - First footwear product from Billy Tannery
18 September 2018

Billy Tannery

Billy Tannery, a specialist goatskin tannery that set up near Northampton in 2017, the first new leather manufacturer to set up in the UK in many years, has released a sneaker.

The product is available to order on the Billy Tannery website until October 3, with delivery expected in November. Customers can choose from three leather colours and three sole colours. They are available in half sizes from UK 4-12. 

For manufacturing of the sneaker, Billy Tannery has partnered with Crown Northampton, a fifth-generation shoemaker based 25 miles from its tannery.

“The Sneaker fuses centuries of Northampton’s shoe and leather making history with contemporary sneaker design and, of course, our sustainable goat leather,” the company has said.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz