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All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) 2018 - JBS Couros shares new traceability platform with ACLE visitors
31 August 2018

Brazilian tanning group JBS Couros used 2018 All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) in Shanghai to launch a new traceability platform.

It said it has developed a system that collects data covering the entire process for producing leather, from the farm all the way through to the end product. The platform, JBS360°, makes it possible for customers to see the entire history behind a piece of finished leather, the company said at ACLE.

It had leather articles on display in Shanghai that visitors to its stand, each with a series of identification codes that offered a gateway to information about each piece of material. Visitors could enter the codes into the  JBS360° interface to bring up information about each leather article from the company’s enterprise resource planning system.

Data available to ACLE visitors included the farm on which the cow that provided each hide was raised and its slaughter date, as well as technical information about the tanning process the hide went through after reaching JBS Couros, including details of the chemicals in use at the tannery, which drum it was tanned in, how long it spent in the drum, and so on.

JBS Couros said that one of the important aspects of the new platform is that it will make it easy for customers to confirm that they are sourcing leather that comes from areas unaffected by deforestation, rural violence, agricultural conflict, abuse of indigenous land or forced or slave labour.

“We are the only leather manufacturer with complete control over the production chain and the capability to monitor all processes, from farms to the delivery of the final product. This guarantees complete transparency when communicating with our stakeholders and ensures our products comply with the most stringent social and environmental criteria on the market,” said Fernando Bellese, JBS Couros marketing and sustainability manager.

Over the past two years, JBS Couros has invested more than $6 million in traceability projects. It currently has the capacity to process 35,000 hides a day.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz