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Environment : Marfrig to launch ‘carbon-neutral’ beef
09 August 2018


Packer group Marfrig will work with Brazil’s national agricultural research agency, Embrapa, to develop two new labels for its beef products.

To help strengthen the image of Brazilian beef and move it away from the commodity end of the global market the two organisations are working to prepare labels for carbon-neutral Brazilian beef and, separately, low-carbon Brazilian beef.

Central to the criteria for both labels will be that the systems used to rear animals for the two kinds of beef will cancel out or reduce emissions of methane from cattle. This will be based on programmes to plant enough trees to capture a parallel volume of carbon to that generated by the cattle. Or, if the livestock is raised on land unsuited to tree-planting, there will be programmes for capturing carbon in the soil.

Marfrig said beef bearing both labels is likely to come to market in 2019.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz