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Automotive - Designers discuss the possibility of a ban on plastics
27 April 2018

2018 Lectra Automotive Leather conference

The vice-president for design for Seton AutomotiveLeather, part of the GST AutoLeather group, Florian Schrey, has said the world needs to find alternatives to plastic and that leather is in a good position to win business back from synthetic substitutes.

Speaking at the 2018 Lectra Automotive Leather conference in Bordeaux on April 25, Mr Schrey said: “Vinyl is easy to use and the vegan lifestyle is clearly attractive to a lot of people, but in the end they mean using plastic and after a car has been on the road for 10,000 kilometres, vinyl in a car interior looks terrible. We have to find alternatives, and leather is a good alternative to plastic.”

He said that he and his team are often asked by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to present to them on the subject of the sustainability of leather, but said this has happened in the context of designers of car interiors saying they want to move away from leather because of neck-wrinkles or small holes.

“These blemishes are beautiful,” Mr Schrey said. “If they want something sustainable, they should choose leather. How could plastic be better?”

He told delegates that he had heard a prominent designer say at Milan Design Week in mid-April that she had made a work of art from recycled plastic because she believes plastic will be banned. “I hope it will be too,” Mr Schrey said.

Report courtesy of Leatherbiz