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Raw Materials - China “essential” to survival of US hide trade, USHSLA says
28 March 2018

USHSLA president Stephen Sothman

The United States Hide, Skin & Leather Association president, Stephen Sothmann, has released a statement saying retaliatory moves by the Chinese government to impose 25% import tariffs on US pork and other products could escalate “simmering trade tensions” between the US and China and ultimately cause “significant harm” to the US hide, skin and leather industry.
“A constructive approach built on healthy dialogue is needed to create cooperation between the Trump Administration and the Chinese government,” the statement said.
In 2017, China imported US hide, skin and leather products with a value of more than $1 billion, representing more than 50% of the total export value of these products for the year.

“The Chinese market is not just an important market for US exporters, it is essential to its survival,” Mr Sothmann said. “It’s clear the future growth of the US hide, skin and leather industry and of the agricultural economy as a whole depends upon a solid trade relationship with China, one that adheres to international standards and procedures, supports fair trade, stimulates US job growth and expands access of high-quality US products to a growing consumer base.” 

Information courtesy of  Leatherbiz