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Technology - Equitan introduces WiFi-enabled hide thickness gauge
07 December 2017

Italian tanning machinery company Equitan is preparing to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in 2018; founder and chief executive, Antonio Antoniazzi, launched the Chiampo-based company in March 1998.

To prove that the company’s proud tradition of innovation continues, Equitan has launched a new WiFi-enabled instrument to measure hide thickness and has already registered sales among a number of tanners.

Made from carbon fibre, the thickness gauge is light but strong. It works with a wireless receiver that plugs into any computer’s USB port; the operator sends each measurement to the receiver by pressing a small button beside the gauge’s handle. The number of points to be measured on each hide and the expected thickness parameters can be uploaded directly from enterprise resource management software applications such as SAP, and the measurements the gauge captures can be sent straight back to the same software systems without any need for manual entry.

“Tanners benefit from this because it’s a job that often requires two people,” Mr Antoniazzi explains, “one to take and call out the measurements and another to enter the data each time. Now it’s a one-person task.”

Another benefit is that the new gauge has formal Industry 4.0 status from the Italian authorities. Manufacturers in Italy who invest in new machinery can usually reduce the amount of tax they have to pay to the government, deducting the value of new technology from their taxable income. However, as part of the Industry 4.0 initiative, buyers of the new WiFi-enabled thickness gauge are able to deduct 250% of the value of the device from their taxable income.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz