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APLF Leather 2018 - New national pavilion from Sudan to participate at 2018 event
14 November 2017

The Organizers of APLF Leather & Materials+ 2018 (14 – 16 March in Hong Kong) are delighted to confirm the presence of a national pavilion from the African Republic of Sudan.

Coverage in western media on Sudan in recent years has highlighted the internal conflicts taking place in that country with the world’s youngest country born in 2011 from the Sudan that gained its independence from colonial powers in 1956. The country of South Sudan was born.

In this brief report on Sudan we will concentrate on characteristics of this country of approximately 35 million inhabitants that make it an interesting source of raw and semi raw materials for the global leather industry.


According to the International Trade Centre (ITC) of the United nations, Sudan's livestock population is as follows:

Cattle Population:          39,760,000

Sheep Population:         48,910,000

Goat Population:           42,179,000

Camel Populat-ion:        3,724,000

The annual off take rates for each category are:

Cattle Off Take Rates:   20%

Sheep Off Take Rates:  45%

Goat Off Take Rates:    37%

Camel Off Take Rates:  15%


Number of Tanneries: 23 of which 19 are in operation

Installed tanning capacity: 30,000,000 Sheep and goat skins, 1,875,000 bovinehdes

Product: Pickled: Cattle: 13,600 / Sheep: 905,121

Product: Wet blue: 502,718 / Sheep: 4,273,772 / Goat: 2,199,731

Product: Finished Leather: Cattle: 63,682 / Goat: 737,862

Number of employees:  Approx. 1,500

Market (%):   

Sheep & Goat skins:

International: 90% of processed skins

Local: 10% of finished skins


75% for International market

25% finished for local industry.

Participation at APLF Leather 2018

So far there are five tanneries confirmed as exhibitors from Sudan at the upcoming APLF event.

They offer raw, salted, pickled, semifinished and wet blue for export and should generate solid interest amongst the thousands of buyers that come to the fair each year.

In our next report APLF will profile the participating Sudanese companies and the products they will offer at the fair-

Statistical information courtesy of ITC