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Automotive - Eighteen half-hides for each Rolls-Royce Phantom
14 November 2017

The manager of bespoke and innovation at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, David Silk, has revealed that 95% of buyers of the company’s cars ask for at least some bespoke elements in the interior, keeping the 300 employees in its leather workshop busy. So much so that this department continues to grow.

Speaking at the industry engagement day that the University of Northampton’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies organised on November 9, Mr Silk said each of the company’s Phantom cars, Rolls-Royce’s largest model, consumes nine full-size hides.

He explained that the automotive company uses 18 half-hides for each Phantom. “They come split down the spine,” he said, “because whole hides are harder to handle, logistically. But the leather goes into the boot, the door panels and the instrument panel as well as the seats. The more leather, the better.”

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz