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Events - Second Lanxess leather seminar off to a strong start
16 January 2017

Leather chemicals manufacturer Lanxess hosted a seminar devoted to the leather industry at its headquarters in Cologne, beginning on January 12, reports Leatherbiz.

This follow-up to an event it organised at the same time last year attracted 85 delegates, mostly from finished product brands, a substantial increase compared to the attendees in 2016.

Themes for the 2017 event include reasons why a majority of tanners around the world use chrome-tanning methods and broader questions concerning the image of leather in the eyes of brands and consumers.

At the start of the seminar, the head of the host company’s leather business unit, Luis López Remón, welcomed delegates and said he was looking forward to some informed discussion. He commented: “Leather is a very special substrate because it adds value; articles made from leather fetch a higher price. Cars offer the best example. Most people already know that car manufacturers achieve ony a small margin from selling a car, perhaps €200 or €300. It’s when they add extras such as leather in the interior that they make money.”