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Meyla Bianco Johnston

Meyla Bianco Johnston, with husband Jared Johnston, owns and operates Alpaca Culture, based in the United States in the northernmost part of the state of Idaho. Alpaca Culture presents news and information about the alpaca industry through Alpaca Culture magazine, website, videos and social media. 

As Copy Editor/Writer at Alpaca Culture magazine, Meyla is dedicated to learning from experts in the field and distilling their knowledge into articles read by the alpaca community and the curious public at large.

The articles in Alpaca Culture magazine are purposely designed to be informative, well researched and visually arresting with high quality art photos. In addition, topics range from articles directed to breeders such as alpaca health and husbandry to pieces that appeal to a wide range of readers. Alpaca Culture hopes to bring alpaca, alpaca fiber and alpaca textiles to the forefront of popular culture.

Click here to learn more about alpacas and alpaca fiber.

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