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It’s Time to go Back to Black
Jasmine Smith | 01 August 2019

Not shying away from tie-dyed dresses and neon skin-tight jumpsuits - this season is a colour fest of free-spirited brightness.  Apparel has gone in a rainbow bright direction, however, classic black bags remain a statement that everyone - colour loving or not - can fall back on.

Look towards some of the more established designers this season for lady-like bags that will have you stylishly up-front of the trends and simultaneously, in a classic fashion zone.

Designers by the likes of Celine, Saint Laurent, Valentino and Chanel are proving that their designs are worth investing in to quench both your sartorial thirst and your practical need to carry everything from your lap-top to your lipstick.

Looking to buy- think cool minimalism; A far fetch from the made-for-Instagram statement bags that have been visually claiming notable space.  Opt instead for reliable and practical; words that we don’t often pair with fashionable statements.  This season however, there is value in being discrete that will label you as Trend-Settingly worthy.  It is a stance in itself to play it down in a sea of over-designed and over styled Instagramers.

This season, look for clean and structured silhouettes - IN BLACK!

Distinctive clasps, chain handles and leather of various textures will add that individuality - but the orientation is clear: Lady-like bags revel in their classic rectangular shape and are best in black.

This type of bag is lush in its expensive looking appeal.  They are plain, yes, but clearly of a status that will heighten any outfit. Your office-attire will be given the forward edge it needs to update a staple, while your weekend leisure wear will instantly look slick with a hint of classic luxury.

Wanting more details on outfit inspo!?

Here are 3 key looks that will highlight your classic black bag choice as one of the best sartorial decisions you could make for seasons ahead:


  1. ROMANTICALLY STRONG:A ‘romantic’ look doesn’t have to be layered in frills and girly bows for it to claim the heart-strings.Instead, try a stronger romantic look to go alongside your classic black lady-like bag this season.
    Wear well tailored black pants with a high neck lace top, a black blazer and black stilettos for a combination that is both highly sophisticated and equally as sexy.

  2. ROCK STEADY:  Do you have a natural rock’n’roll inclination but are past the point of cheap band tee-shirts and ripped denim shorts?  Try working in luxurious fabrics to your look - slick burgundy tight leather pants, a navy blue velvet blazer or one in stark white and suede knee high boots.  The combination is more about textures than anything else and makes for great attire to match in a classically shaped bag - elevating the look to something of rock sophistication.

  3. CORPORATE CLASSIC:  Work demands a structure that is conservative and covering.  High necks, longer hem-lines and cleaner colour pallets.  The fashion can sometimes feel a little boring in this work arena - and exactly the reason why your accessories need to be matching but defining of your character.  This season’s designer black bag will work within a corporate scenario with little effort and maximum impact.  It will also transition from workwear to after-work wear with such ease.