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Styling with see-through shoes
Jasmine Smith | 10 June 2019

See-through shoes are again leading the way this season, with a slight hazy change in the form of a colour tint.  Last season’s see-through shoe is once again, a prominent player in the 2019 trends with one little difference to them; A hint of added colour! 

The most popular - a smokey grey - just look at LaQuan Smith’s catwalk collection or Yeezy (the initiator of the trend some would say!)

Shoes in sandal, mule and bootie form are the shapes of the season with an obvious practical advantage of being waterproof.  Practicality aside however, the dusky seasonal hues of 2019 PVC do add an unusual element to ones tootsies as well as adds an undeniably modern aesthetic.  They are the shoe that marks a fashionista at the forefront of the this seasons trends.

These transparent creations, as pop-orientated as they sound, do fall into an elegant realm of fashion as so many style orientations seem to this season. 

It really is the year of the ‘Lady’, with trends allowing for a new found sophistication and elegance.

One tip of advice when looking to update your shoe collection via tinted PVC - make sure your choice of shoe is breathable!
Look for styles that have an open toe or that are strappy as opposed to pump-styled and completely covering.  PVC is not a breathable material, so to avoid steamy feet, allow for air to be able to circulate naturally via having some part of your shoe remain open to fresh air.  If you don’t, you can aliken the effects on your feet to that of wearing a raincoat on a piping hot summers day!

In terms of styling this trend - you can mix and match it with anything from bikeshorts and booty-hugging attire - as so often sported by Kim Kardshian in her Yeezy heels.  Or you can opt for a more tailored partnership like what Stella McCartney, Gianvito Rossi and Sophia Webster tend to mix’n’match style wise.

Regardless of how you wear these futuristic looking heels, one thing remains - THIS is the season to full embrace the tinted transparent trend!