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PFI Hong Kong - How do you know that you are sourcing from ethical and sustainable suppliers?
Richard Smith | 11 March 2019

More than ever, brands, agents and manufacturers are facing pressure from consumers, governments and NGOs. Sustainable manufacturing has become a prerequisite for business success and growth of revenues. But how can you make sure you’re sourcing from ethical and sustainable suppliers?

Ensure continuous and sustainable improvement of your supply chain with PFI’s Factory Improvement Services

We believe in a circular approach that goes beyond auditing. We offer a holistic system to assess how factories perform, we identify risks and improvement measures, train relevant staff and monitor the results.

As a first step, we offer an input check to assess the chemicals used during material processing and production to enable green processes.

We then conduct chemical, environmental and social management audits to ensure products are made under conditions that do not harm workers or the environment. Our audits address criteria of supply chain management, chemical management and safety, as well as environmental topics like waste water treatment and air emission management. Based on our clients’ needs we also develop tailor-made audits.

Can’t think of a solution? - Training and Consultancy

After the audit, we support our clients in the necessary improvements. As a reputed technical expert in the footwear industry, we provide high-quality training and on-site consultancy to find solutions for the challenges our clients are facing.

We enhance the quality of your products and the sustainability of your supply chain.

With our combination of auditing, training, testing, and inspection services we can offer you the ideal package for enhancing both quality and sustainability in the footwear supply chain.


Since 2018, our laboratory in China is a ZDHC accepted laboratory for waste water testing.  


About us

PFI, your leading experts in the world of footwear.

The Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI) was founded in 1956 in Germany as a service and research centre dedicated to the footwear and leather industry.

Nowadays, more than 300 scientists and engineers serve clients all around the globe. In Asia, PFI is represented in Hong Kong, Dongguan and Quanzhou and provides services across all major Asian sourcing markets.

Our other key services

Do you value the quality of your products? - Inspection

With a distant production, you need a reliable on-site partner. We offer efficient, flexible and global Inspection services at any stage of the supply chain in order to react to quality problems at an early stage. Additionally, our experts provide in-line consultancy to find technical solutions for challenges during production.

Do you value the safety of your products? - Testing and Certification

We conduct chemical, physical, and biotechnological investigations for finished products and materials in the footwear, leather, synthetic leather, and textile industry. As an independent and neutral service provider we also issue PFI quality certification and test marks, according to international benchmarks, such as CE mark, GS mark, and the Leather Standard by Oeko Tex.

About the Seminar

At the core of improving the footwear industry’s sustainability performance is identifying what is covered under the term ‘sustainability’ and understanding the key steps to be taken. PFI is convinced that companies need a holistic approach to ensure design, sourcing and manufacturing all contribute to a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. In this talk, PFI will introduce a concept that enables continuous improvement and identifies business opportunities for brands, agents and manufacturers.