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Fashions LANYARD fascination
Jasmine Smith | 22 February 2019

Taking business requirements to a whole new level, the likes of Givenchy, Prada, Burberry and Balenciaga have all added LANYARDS to their 2019 collection - creating a fuss amongst the office workers who previously only wore a lanyard for their ID work to be seen… style has never before played a part in.

But with accessories being the bread and butter income for luxury brands, it seems that the reach into what is deemed as ‘fashionable’ in 2019 has taken what once was the humble office-orientated lanyard to a high fashion position.

An accessory that was once set far from the fashionable realm - worn to make swiping into an office convenient or to keep a set of keys on hand easy - has been transformed into this seasons statement piece.

Still as convenient as it ever has been, the lanyard now offers more than just office operation convenience.  It is now a gateway into investing in designerwear.  It is a cheaper option for those wanting to make their first designer purchase and one with high impact due to its visual statement - worn around the neck it is hard to ignore!

The lanyard hangs around the neck, and is perfect for a passport, keys, ID, Credit Cards… whatever it is you need safe and close and within easy reach.

It is fashionable convenience at its PEAK!  

Not only is it very utilitarian in nature, but as a fashion accessory, it is easy to work into practically any style, although staying true to the lanyards practical orientation works best.

Look to pair it with more casually orientated apparel trends that orientate themselves around either a sporty nature or a utilitarian one.

Brands have a tendency to be very logo heavy when it comes to this new must-have item.  So choose the brand that you feel best represents you and your style.  It is the perfect piece to show your luxury brand orientation preference whether that be Alexander Wang or Givenchy - as every top fashion house seem to be represented via the practical Lanyard this year.