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King Ray – Volume production allied to environmental responsibility
| 02 January 2019

King Ray's sales manager - Kai Huang

Founded in 1981 in Taiwan, King Ray is a leading producer of hardware accessories for the manufacture of shoes, garments and leathergoods. 

APLF spoke to sales manager, Kai Huang, at Materials+ to discover more about King Ray – its commitment to the environment; its production facilities; its target market; from where it receives its design inspiration and why King Ray exhibits at Materials+ in Hong Kong. 

King Ray has two production hubs – one in Taiwan and the principal one in Guangzhuo with a total installed capacity capable of producing up to 3 million items per month employing around 500 operatives. With such a large production the company’s client portfolio are the “big brands” requiring volume supplies according the Kai Huang and it is such brands that continue to be the primary target market of the company.

Kai Haung explained that King Ray is keenly aware of the new environmental regulations that have been imposed on Chinese industry in the context of the latest Five Year Plan and every effort is made to adhere to these new, strict regulations. The company takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously as quality of life has to be improved for China’s citizens living near industrial production facilities as the country´s focus has changed from break-neck economic expansion and exports to a more consumer-driven economy.

King Ray has its own design team that is active in visiting fashion and trade shows so as to harvest ideas for upcoming fashion designs and this team gets inspiration from multiple sources but always keeping sustainability uppermost in mind.
Kai Huang was looking for what he defined as “quality buyers” at Materials+ but also emphasized that the company concentrates on working with clients that need volume supplies of well-designed and sustainably manufactured hardware accessories.

“If we can acquire one new important client, it makes the show worthwhile,” noted Kai Huang.

With a production capacity of around 2 million pieces per month at the Guangzhou factory alone, it is perfectly understandable that King Ray has a fully committed policy towards the environment. 

This enables the company to guarantee that its products are manufactured sustainably which, in turn, will enhance sales to the big brands that are also aware of the importance of protecting the environment from unnecessary industrial waste and pollution.