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Go Wild in Western!
Jasmine Smith | 24 December 2018

Sleek and angular, the Cowboy Boot is a style that is forever dipping in and out of the trend pool - an iconic boot, but not always a popular one.

This season however, Calvin Klein, Celine and Saint Laurent have declared the luxuriously Western style, to be once again, having a moment.

Now your personal choice in Cowboy Boot can range from sleek to overly-worn in terms of appearance.  No matter the finishing style of choice is, this Western classic is in trend!
Just make sure to keep the boot isolated and as the only aspect of your outfit that is themed in a Western way.  Avoiding anything fringed, buckled or overtly country, is the key to mastering the 2018 Cowboy Boot - double denim is most definitely off the cards!


So just how do I wear this trend and bypass any ‘dress-up’ connotations you are wondering…

Follow these suggestions to be perfectly in sync with the style orientations of this country-centric trend:

-     Overload on EVERYTHING!  We are talking clashing prints, statement sunglasses and accessories for days!  Don’t let the boot wear you - you wear it and do so with outlandish confidence and with a city edge.

-    Pair with the unexpected!  Try wearing ¾ length boyfriend style jeans overtop your boots for a twist on the classic.  Or tuck your (seriously on trend) plaid two-set pant suit into your boots.  Throw out all traditional styling rules and opt for elements that have an edge of surprise to the way you wear them with your boots. In this circumstance, windbreakers and floral spring dresses are also fun items to have in play.

-    Keep it sophisticatedly slick by minimizing your outfit - boots and a well tailored but oversized knee length coat and simple accessorizing (black clutch and sunglasses for example).  Maintain a position as far from the Wild West and bohemianly draped as possible, swapping the boho and layered for classic cuts and fine lines.  This will add a sophisticated dimension to your Cowboy boots.