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IMPACTIVA: The impact of quality control on companies’ bottom lines
Véronique Saunier | 11 June 2018

Véronique Saunier 

Impactiva is an industrial engineering company providing highly trained quality control technicians to major brands in the lifestyle industry including apparel, footwear, leather goods and leather. The company is active in more than 18 countries and clients include among others Clark, Alexander Wang, Adidas, and Puma.

With only 300 technicians, Impactiva is small, admits Joe Mellaci, VP Business Development Americas, “but we are boutique, we are specialised and those who know us love us”, he says.

Impactiva’s service offerings include three key areas namely Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Management Systems and Process Optimisation.  Each is proven to reduce the negative impact that supply chain waste and the cost of poor quality have on clients’ bottom lines. The cost of poor quality can shrink company’s profits by more than 4% of sales, according to industry’s statistics.

“Our job is to find inefficiencies. In some factories we find 38% efficiencies or less, depending on their base line. After our intervention, we can decrease their LOP (Labor On Profitability) by that percentage. The money saved goes directly into the factory owner’s pocket,” Mellaci explains. “Our revolutionary leading-edge systems, processes and procedures are implemented to help cut costs, reduce waste and make sure things get done “Right from the start.”

For the past three years Impactiva has taken its game up and introduced several new services that were showcased at the spring edition of APLF. “This is a traditional, longstanding venue. We are proud to be here,” says Mellaci who has come to the fair for decades both as an exhibitor and an attendee.